S4i Pixel Pines

The Ultimate Christmas Tree Show Experience and the most advanced Tower Tree ever to be successfully installed on market, it is the ultimate in Christmas Tree Show creations. It allows for full-animation to be displayed on the tree. In 2017, build the show you’ve always dreamed about.

PROPRIETARY MAPPING & CONTROL - Your animated masterpiece is shown seamlessly on the tree, there are no bad viewing angles! Shapes, colors and movements stimulate your audiences. Featuring remote support and automated scheduling, the S4i ShowHQ handles everything.

LOW VOLTAGE! - The most advanced tower tree in the world runs entirely on low voltage. No GFCI tripping to worry about. Safe and efficient power distribution takes one high-voltage line at the base, and distributes low voltage throughout the system.

FULLY-INTELLIGENT RGB LED LIGHTS - Organically located on the tree, providing ultra-bright light in any color. Available in 8mm Dome, C7 or C9 Bulbs.

CONTROLLERS AND DATA LINES - All assembled on-site at pre-fixed locations, connecting the tree to the S4i ShowHQ.

BEAUTIFUL DAY AND NIGHT - Built for high-profile daytime environments, life-like thick foliage branches cover the tree, this is not a flat panel tree.

EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR AN AMAZING SHOW - Your S4i Pixel Pines price includes all the accessories you need to assemble, including an S4i Tech on-site during Year 1 Installation. For a full list of included elements, contact S4 today!


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