S4i RGBW Bar Light, 18 x 10W RGBW LEDs


S4i’s line of High-Voltage, High-Power RGBW Bar Light Fixtures, 18 x 10w, provide you with huge amounts of controllable, color-changing light in durable, professional-grade product designs. Determine the amount of light you need, the beam angle you want, and make a major statement at your property, installation or event.

All S4i HV Architectural Lighting is powered via standard 120V plugs to proprietary connectors, and are controlled via standard DMX Protocol. In addition, most fixtures have the ability to run on auto-mode, configurable by either on-fixture buttons or a small remote control.

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Power Source Plug-In
Built in Controller Yes
Bulb Type RGBW
Color Black
Primary Bulb Color No
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