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Tunnel Structure
Denver Botanical Garden

S4 Decor turns steel, aluminum and PVC into extraordinary structures – from snowflakes to towering trees.  Peruse our available products or talk to our Sales Representatives to explore our large portfolio of designs that are Made-to-Order.

Tower Tree Series

Tower Trees reaching up to 100 feet redesigned for a smoother install in less time along with helpful accessories for the perfect centerpiece.

Light Structure Series

Treat your guests to an enchanted forest of pole trees or a journey through a tunnel of lights.

Silhouette Series

Explore our Silhouettes that mount on poles or buildings, hang from above or stake in the ground. Illuminated with our ProBulb Diamond cut Collection of superior LED light bulbs.

Foliage Series

Lush, Large and Loved. Make an impression with our Made-to-Order colossal wreaths and trendy garlands. Request a quote and a Salesperson will contact you to discuss your options

  • Benchmark’s proprietary twist-lock coupling connector sports a silicone gasket providing an IP66 connection and allows for quicker installation.  Once locked, the connector cannot accidentally be pulled apart.
  • A wide range of infrastructure components are offered to address most installation demands allowing greater runs of lights with fewer components.
  • The sleek, longer husk of our Nxg Series allows the point of light to stand out from the wire that can be tucked deeper into greenery.
100' Tower Tree
Walk-thru Tower Tree
Liberty Center
Oversized Hanging Wreaths
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