Versaline® Lite Snap N Go Extension Cord

24VDC • Black Wire • 6ft

Time for a different look but no time to re-do your installation? Change it up in a snap using Light Snap N Go’s infrastructure designed to stay in place through many seasons allowing you to change just the lights to suit the occasion.

The Lite Snap N Go Series in our patented Versaline® LED low-voltage light system is all about providing beautiful light design that requires less install time.

Extend the 24V power from the power supply to a splitter or multi-tap extension cord using this convenient 6’ Extension Cord. Rest easy with the 2-year warranty on this durable infrastructure knowing Versaline’s components also sport a twist-lock connector that keeps water out and connections secure.

If you wish to add 1 or 3-Channel control to your display, please shop the Classic or DIY Series’ infrastructure components.

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• 2-year Warranty
• Low voltage DC power provides extra safety and reliability in high moisture areas
• cCSAus Listed
• Proprietary twist-lock coupling connectors speed up installation and provide a water-tight seal
• Weather-resistant, perfect for both indoor and outdoor installations
• Pair with LSNG light products or Classic Series 1-Channel and Euro Collection
• Versaline® power supply required; compatible with all LSNG and DIY infrastructure

Input Connector (Male)

Output Connector (Female)

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