Versaline® Classic 5mm LED Curtain Light String / 3-Channel

48L • White Wire • 4" Bulb Spacing

Our patented Versaline® LED low-voltage light system was created to provide more design options allowing professionals to create dazzling displays on a budget.

Designers love the white, slender shrink tube husks on this curtain light string that comes in multiple lengths allowing them to build custom curtains and chandeliers.

The 3-channels built into the string add the additional allure of a soft Shimmer, Sparkle or Shuffle in a variety of speeds and brightness levels when using the Versaline Controller. 10 unique functions allow you to dial up the excitement with a Ray Gun and Chaser combo if your party needs to pick up the pace a bit.

Installers love the easy twist-lock connectors, the wide range of infrastructure components and fewer service calls.

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• Pro Grade LEDs guarantee color consistency and optimal performance
• 5MM wide angle lenses provide great light dispersion
• Low voltage power provides extra safety and reliability in high moisture areas
• cCSAus Listed
• Proprietary twist-lock coupling connectors provide a water-tight seal and prevent accidental separation
• 3 Channels of control built into each string
• End-in-Bulb light string is perfect to create curtains or chandeliers
• 22AWG white wire and shrink tube husks blend with interiors, architectural trim and snow-covered foliage
• Incremental timer, Dimming and 10 light patterns available with Versaline High Power Controller
• Versaline® power supply required; compatible with all Versaline® infrastructure

Bulb Sockets per String

Bulb Socket Spacing

Input Connector (Male)

Output Connector (Female)

Current per Series

Husk Contruction

String Construction

IP Rating

LED Grade

Total Length-Width (ft)

Operating Voltage

Current Rating Amps

Product Certification

Power Control Channel

Product Standard

Use Case


Wire Guage

Wire/Material Color

Wire Insulation


Required for Use

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