S4i® DOP Starter Curtain Light Kits


Plug N Play Kits make beautiful displays easy! Create a wall of wonder with our modular, RGB kits that include cabled light strings, infrastructure, power, control and content. Build your own daily light shows from the included curated content scenes using the S4i HQ Scheduling Interface. Content includes themes for most holidays and many moods – need a Halloween vibe for one event followed by a Christmas event? No problem; RGB Displays have never been easier!

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• 5mm dome epoxy-filled husks.
• Patented DOP technology allows for one light to falter without affecting any lights after.
• Stainless Steel hardware and cables secure light strings to structures ensuring a consistent canvas even in harsh weather.
• Plug N Play HQ now has a scheduler interface allowing you to combine the content scenes to create the show you need when you need it.
• All Lights, Infrastructure, Power and Control components for one Starter Curtain Light Kit included.
• Easily expandable with the Add-on Curtain Light Kits.

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