S4i® Control Series System Control Options

Taking commands from HQ and executing them perfectly are the marching orders for this team of controllers. Consult with your S4 Sales Representative to understand which controller is the right fit for your show.

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• Button indicator with simple options allows for easy testing
• Versaline 24VDC 12W Power Supply Included
• Proprietary Advatek card or eDMX4 PRO allow for multiple Data Protocols: DMX512P, DMX512, DEP SerialA, WS2811, depending on model purchased
• Polycarbonate case with a sealed top and sealed gasket outputs
• IP65 Outdoor rating
• Operating Temps: 0° F to 100° F
• Network Input: sACN, ArtNet4+
• Configuration: EDMX Configuration Utility or Advatek Assistant

Use Case


Operating Voltage