S4i® Control Series Show HQ Options

Get the show on the road with strong command from Head Quarters. S4i’s line of HQs are designed, built, and supported by our highly trained team based in Atlanta. Choose the size and function you need for your show whether it is a field of Color Blossoms, forest of singing vines, sky-scraping Pixel Pine or a mood-boosting PlugNPlay light kit. Consult with your S4 Sales Representative to determine the right equipment for you.

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• New Scheduler Interface for 2022!
• Storage and playback of S4i Created Content
• Built-In remote support for domestic all-inclusive models
• Built-in redundant central CPU on all-inclusive models, just in case
• Add-on remote support module available if needed at a later date for simpler models
• IP65 Outdoor rating
• Operating Temps: 0° F to 100° F
• Versaline PSU included

Use Case


Operating Voltage