S4 Decor Riser for Tower Tree

Raise your Tower Tree above the heads of your patrons for better viewing and protection from curious explorers. Our powder-coated steel riser frames are designed for safety and stability and add value to your tower tree by adding height at a reduced cost. They also provide the perfect area for constant branding or added décor. Custom steel sheathing options with elegant cut-out patterns or logos offer an opportunity to illuminate your base for added drama. Discuss with your Salesperson options for customization including walk-thru experiences or specialized storage.

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• Powder Coated Steel Frame.
• Provides safety, stability and uniformity with tree frame.
• Increases height of the tree at a reduced cost.
• Ensures 100% viewing of the entire tree by guests.
• Provides perfect area for Constant Branding.
• Each base designed specifically to support your tree height and weight.
• All hardware included.

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