ProBulb Nostalgia C7 LED Bulb

120VAC • Smooth Opaque • E12 Base

Recalling design of the past and combining it with today’s technology. The illumination of our Nostalgia Collection has the look of mid-century painted glass bulbs but with significant updates.

Designers love the slight variations in the traditional C7 shaped bulbs giving the look of simpler times in a wide range of colors. Unlike bulbs from the ‘50s, the cool-to-the-touch LEDS allow these updated bulbs to be used on polymer decorations without concern of melting or burning fingers of inquisitive onlookers.

Installers appreciate the thick polymer core that make these bulbs un-crushable. The surface mounted LEDs require less energy than incandescent filaments of days long gone allowing longer runs from a single power source which equals easier installs.

After installation, grab needle and thread, pop some corn and gather cranberries to make a garland to complete the nostalgic celebration.

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• Surface-mounted ProGrade LEDs provide cool-to-the-touch bulbs, even illumination, long life, and energy savings
• Semi-solid polymer bulbs ensure a shatterproof toughness
• UV protection prevents damaging rays from discoloring and deteriorating polymer caps
• Traditional C7 shape with an opaque finish that simulates hand-painted bulbs provides timeless beauty
• Nickel-coating on copper base prevents corrosion
• Silver base is engraved with color code making determining the bulb’s color easier without having to illuminate it
• cCSAus Listed
• Compatible with all E12 socketed products

Dimensions 0.84 in
Operating Voltage

Bulb Cap Height (in)

Bulb Diameter (in)

IP Rating

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