ProBulb Diamond Cut C7 LED Bulbs with Effects

120VAC • Faceted Clear • E12 Base

Cut, Color, Clarity, Certification, not to mention un-Crushable. Our in-house designers chose the ultimate standards when they set out to make the perfect bulb.

Cut – The deep facets of our Diamond Cut Collection act like prisms to refract the light on this classically shaped C7.

Color – Not only do we stock the prettiest colors in the market, but also the largest selection. This added twinkle in this group grabs a bit more attention.

Clarity – The bin-selection of the LEDs supervised by S4’s production team combined with the UV inhibitors of the lens cap ensure each bulb has superior, color-correct shine.

Certification – You bet – cCSAus.

Un-Crushable – The semi-solid polymer lens caps are shatterproof, so rest easy if ladders are carelessly propped on these jewels. They’re as tough as diamonds.

Choose the perfect shade to adorn architecture, pathways or foliage with these gems; attempting to cut glass will void the warranty.

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• Built-in effects add sparkle to your display
• Surface-mounted ProGrade LEDs provide cool-to-the-touch bulbs, even illumination, long life, and energy savings
• Semi-solid polymer bulbs ensure a shatterproof toughness
• UV protection prevents damaging rays from discoloring and deteriorating polymer caps
• Deep cut facets and a traditional C7 shape deliver beauty second-to-none
• Nickel-coating on copper base prevents corrosion
• Silver base is engraved with color code making determining the bulb’s color easier without having to illuminate it
• cCSAus Listed
• Compatible with all E12 socketed products

Dimensions 0.84 in
Operating Voltage

Bulb Cap Height (in)

Bulb Diameter (in)

IP Rating

Product Certification


Product Standard

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