ProBulb Crystal Ball G40 LED Bulbs with Effects

120VAC • Smooth Clear • E17 Base

Beautiful by day, stunning at night. Our Crystal Ball Collection provides a tornado of light in a flawless G40 bulb.

Designers love how the translucent orb reflects its surrounding like images in a crystal ball. These bulbs hold their own as beautiful ornaments in the day and get more beautiful when filled with light and a beautiful twinkle at dusk. Ignite the LED and the interior faceting designed by our in-house engineers disperses the light beautifully.

Installers love the semi-solid un-crushable polymer bulbs that come in a range of colors and the readily available supply warehoused in the US.

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• Built-in twinkle add sparkle to your display
• Surface-mounted ProGrade LEDs provide cool-to-the-touch bulbs, even illumination, long life, and energy savings
• Semi-solid polymer bulbs ensure a shatterproof toughness
• UV protection prevents damaging rays from discoloring and deteriorating polymer caps
• Internal facets in a solid G40 orb disperse the light and reflect the surroundings
• Nickel-coating on copper base prevents corrosion
• Silver base is engraved with color code making determining the bulb’s color easier without having to illuminate it
• cCSAus Listed
• Compatible with all E17 socketed products

Dimensions 1.57 in
Operating Voltage

Bulb Cap Height (in)

Bulb Diameter (in)

IP Rating

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