NeverDim® Modular Series Controller

1.5-16VDC • NeverDim® Connector

The NeverDim® line is a robust, commercial grade, battery-powered solution that allows you to control the amount of power you need and when you need it. S4’s proprietary power conversion technology allows for high light counts, constant brightness and long battery life.

The 4-function Neverdim Modular Controller allows you to choose whether your light turns on for a 6-hour or 12-hour period every day and will start again at the same time until you remove the power source.

The dark green controller is small and easily disguised tucked into the foliage or décor keeping the attention on your display.

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• On/Off function with Timing Options
• Remembers Shine Time if power is not terminated
• Featuring 4 Push Button Functions: 1) Off 2) Steady on (No Timer) 3) Steady On (6hr Timer) 4) Steady One (12hr Timer)
• Weather-resistant screw-lock connectors
• Discrete color and size
• Drive up to 400 lights with a single controller
• 3-season warranty
• NeverDim® 2D Battery module or 3.6W power supply required

Input Connector (Male)

Output Connector (Female)

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Wire/Material Color


Input Voltage

Operating Voltage

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