NeverDim® Modular 5mm LED Battery Light String

30L • Green Wire • 4" Bulb Spacing

Light up spaces where no power outlets are available with our patented NeverDim® 5mm LED Light Strings.

The Modular Series provides end-to-end light strings that connect with screw-lock, water-tight couplings and can be powered two ways. Choose the modular battery packs where battery power is necessary or use the 3.6W Power Supply when outlets are an option.

Program your shine times to turn on and off for 6 hours or 12 hours everyday with the NeverDim® controller that tucks discretely into your display.

Use the NeverDim Daily Estimated Run Time chart to determine how many battery modules to daisy-chain together to power your display so it lasts the duration of the event and Never Dim.

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• Our top-of-the-line Premium Grade LEDs deplete batteries at a slower rate
• Our battery modules provide consistent power from hour 1 to 100 ensuring your lights never dim
• 5MM wide angle lenses provides great light dispersion
• Shrink-tube husks hide discreetly in foliage or centerpieces
• Easy Screw-lock connectors provide a water-tight seal and prevent accidental separation
• Use the Daily Estimated Run Time chart to determine the number of connectable battery modules your installation will require
• Set your lights to turn on and off for 6 or 12 hours with the required NeverDim Controller
• NeverDim® 2D Battery module or NeverDim® 3.6W Power Supply required

Bulb Sockets per String

Bulb Socket Spacing

Bulb Count per Series

Connector Input Male

Connector Input Female

Current per Series

Husk Contruction

String Construction

Input Lead Length (in)

IP Rating

Lighted Length-Width (ft)

Total Length-Width (ft)


Operating Voltage

Use Case


Wire Guage

Wire/Material Color

Wire Insulation

Required for Use


Required for use…