NeverDim® Modular 3.6W Wall Wart Power Supply

12VDC • NM R Coupling Connector

The NeverDim® line is a robust, commercial grade solution that allows you to control the amount of power you need and when you need it. S4’s proprietary power conversion technology allows for high light counts, constant brightness and long battery life.

The Modular Series allows you to use a wall mount 3.6W Power Supply to power your display in areas where an outlet is available, saving money while maintaining consistent color and brightness that matches the battery-powered portion of your display.

Add the discrete 12’ Extension Cord to add a bit more reach from the outlet to those portions of your display that can be plugged in.

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• Full-wave rectification prevents LEDs from flickering
• IP44 Rated
• cETLus Listed
• Screw-lock coupling connector provides a weather-resistant seal and prevents accidental separation
• Standard 2-prong Male Connector
• NeverDim Modular Coupling Female Connector
• Use instead of Battery Modules when an outlet is available
• 3-Season Warranty
• NeverDim® Controller required for operation of lights

Dimensions 2.38 × 1.67 in
Input Connector (Male)

Output Connector (Female)

IP Rating


Operating Voltage

Use Case



Input Voltage

Output Voltage