Everlastrings 24V 7mm LED Light String

48L • Black Wire • 6" Bulb Spacing

Why limit the joy and celebration decorative light strings add to the atmosphere to just a few months? Use the most rugged string on the market that carries a 2-year warranty for the foundation of your installation.

Wrapped trees, light canopies and light-lined structures are season-less design elements that are time consuming to install and too beautiful to take down after one season. The longevity of our patented Everlastrings allows professionals to allocate future budgets to adding more magic rather than replacing strings that are designed for seasonal use only.

Installers love the beefed-up wires and LEDs allowing these strings to stay in place longer with fewer issues. The lower voltage, sealed twist-lock connectors and extensive infrastructure make installation not only safer, but quick & easy.

Forget the staples and use our patented expandable version for trunk and limb wrapping; it makes wrapping a cinch and flexes as the tree grows instead of snapping or damaging the tree.

Also available in 120V version compatible with our Benchmark Coupling products.

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• Our top-tier Premium Grade LED provides color consistency and highest longevity
• An additional 7mm lens cap provides extra protection from UV rays and the elements
• Epoxy-filled husks provide a superior seal, reducing oxidation and current leakage
• 20AWG wires are constructed with significantly more durable insulation compared to the PVC used in other strings
• Twist-lock coupling connectors keep the strings secure from accidental separation and water seepage
• 24VDC power is safer and resists GFCI incidents over 120V options
• Compatible with our extensive line of infrastructure components available in our Versaline family
• Requires a Versaline Power Supply
• Use the compatible non-expandable option on structures, bushes or tree canopies

Bulb Sockets per String

Input Lead Length (in)

Bulb Socket Spacing

Lighted Length-Width (ft)

Total Length-Width (ft)

Bulb Count per Series

Connector Input Male

Connector Output Female


Current per Series

Husk Contruction

String Construction

IP Rating

Operating Voltage

Current Rating Amps


Product Certification

Power Control Channel

Product Standard

Use Case


Wire Guage


Wire/Material Color

Wire Insulation


Wire Rating (amps)


Wire Type


Required for Use

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