Decorative Bulbs E17 Professional Grade Stringer

120VAC • Green Wire • 25ft

Charm for Sale! Add our beautiful G40 or C9 bulbs to your greenery, line your windows and pathways or build a light canopy to suite your theme.

Made from the same Socketed Light Wire that is offered on reels, but conveniently pre-cut to 25 feet with the male and female connectors already fused on the ends.

This staple product can easily be installed with staples, clipped on overhead wires, staked in the ground or attached to gutters and window frames using our specialized installation hardware in Accessories. Then shop our Decorative Bulbs Family to fill those sockets with Diamond Cut, Nostalgia, Crystal Ball or Vintage E17 bulbs.

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• 3-season warranty
• Standard Plug connectors, 120VAC power
• Professional grade SPT-1 18AWG wire
• 25 feet of line with 25 sockets spaced 12” apart
• Weather-resistant, perfect for both indoor and outdoor installations
• Compatible with all standard E17 bulbs
• Outfit with colorful C9 or G40 bulbs from our ProBulb Series or Vintage C9s

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