Benchmark NxG® Coupling 5mm LED Light String

70L • Brown Wire • 6" Bulb Spacing

We didn’t invent the 5mm LED light string, but we did perfect it. S4 is breaking the mold of traditional light strings with our multi-patented, innovative NxG® design with the added protection of the coupling connector.

Advanced Grade LEDs keep your project looking brighter and better for longer. The epoxy-filled husks provide a superior seal to prevent water ingress, and the long, sleek design keeps the focus on the points of light, never on the wire.

Designers love working with the wide range of wire and lens colors and the rectifier-free string.

Installers prefer the ease of the twist-lock coupling connectors, the increased performance of the LED package and the peace of mind the built-in rectifiers and husk designs provide.

The result is significant savings in time and money for professionals who depend on connectable light strings for their installations.

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• Our second-tier Advanced Grade LED ensures color consistency and longevity
• 5MM wide angle lens provides great light dispersion and re-creates the classic look of incandescent bulbs
• Epoxy-filled husks provide a superior seal, reducing oxidation and current leakage
• Longer, sleeker profile showcases the point of light and stands out in foliage
• Rectifier housed in the Power Adapter Cord for a cleaner wire with less failure points
• The 120V, ETLus Listed string allows long connection runs
• Proprietary twist-lock coupling connectors provide a water-tight seal and prevent accidental separation
• Benchmark Power Adapter with Rectifier required

Bulb Sockets per String

Bulb Socket Spacing

Bulb Count per Series

Connector Input Male

Connector Output Female

Current per Series

Husk Contruction

String Construction

Input Lead Length (in)

Output Tail Length (in)

IP Rating

LED Grade

Lighted Length-Width (ft)

Total Length-Width (ft)

Operating Voltage

Current Rating Amps

Product Certification

Product Standard

Use Case


Wire Guage

Wire/Material Color

Wire Insulation

Wire Rating (amps)

Wire Type

Required for Use

Required for use…