Benchmark Coupling Series Power Adapter Lead w/ Rectifier & Color-flip Controller

120VDC • Benchmark Connector

Transform your atmosphere for different events with the push of a button. The 4-Function Color-Flip Controller allows you to choose between two distinct color palettes. Instantly flip from one color set to another, or magically phase between our most popular whites or from classic white to a festive mix of vibrant colors.

The single high-powered rectifier built into the housing removes the need for the traditional 2-3 rectifiers built into Standard Plug light strings, reducing the possible points of failure and giving a much cleaner look to the string. The easy-to-use twist-lock cap on the coupling adapter seals tight to reduce weather intrusion, current leakage and accidental separation.

This is a required component to both power and control our Benchmark Coupling Color-flip Light Strings.

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• Rectifies 120VAC power to simulate 120VDC allowing LEDs to shine flicker-free
• 4-function control: 1) Primary color steady, 2) Secondary color steady, 3) Color Flash, 4) Color Phase
• One high-power rectifier built into the housing eliminates need for rectifiers in the string
• IP66 Rated
• cCSAus Listed
• Twist-lock coupling connector saves installation time, provides a weather-resistant seal and prevents accidental separation
• 2-prong Standard Plug Male Connector
• Benchmark Coupling Female Connector
• 3-season warranty
• Required component for Benchmark Coupling Color-flip Light Strings

Dimensions 2.24 × 3.7 in
Input Connector (Male)

Output Connector (Female)

Use Case


Wire/Material Color

Input Voltage

Operating Voltage

Output Voltage