Benchmark Coupling 5mm LED Net Light

105L • Green Wire • 4'x6' Lighted Area

Cover bushes, posts, tree trunks, ground cover, you name it quickly and evenly with our newest addition to the Coupling Series – Net Lights!

Designers love the rectifier free string and the finer wires connecting the lights in a predictable square.

Installers appreciate the reinforced loops on the corners that aid installation by keeping nets square helping to quickly cover large areas with an even light distribution.

The twist-lock coupling connector allows for an easy installation along with a tight seal to reduce current leakage and GFCI tripping. Because the rectifier is built inside the Benchmark Coupling Power Adapter Lead, the rectifier-free string provides a cleaner look with fewer possible points of failure.

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• Our entry-level, bin-selected Pro Grade LED ensures color and performance consistency
• 5MM wide angle lens provides great light dispersion and resembles a traditional mini bulb
• Molded husk construction reduces current leakage, component damage, and GFCI issues
• Advanced rectifiers provide a flicker-free and color-consistent LED illumination
• 120V enabling long connection runs, CSAus Listed
• Proprietary twist-lock coupling connectors provide a water-tight seal and prevent accidental separation
• Quick, even install of lights for shrubbery, tree trunks, ground cover, ceilings, and more
• Reinforced loops on corners keep nets square and easy to connect together to cover large areas
• Benchmark Power Adapter Lead with Rectifier required

Bulb Sockets per String

Bulb Socket Spacing

Bulb Count per Series

Connector Input Male

Connector Output Female

Current per Series

Husk Contruction

String Construction

Input Lead Length (in)

IP Rating

Lighted Drop Length (ft)

Lighted Length-Width (ft)

Total Length-Width (ft)

Operating Voltage

Current Rating Amps

Product Certification

Product Standard

Use Case


Wire Guage

Wire/Material Color

Wire Insulation

Wire Rating (amps)

Wire Type

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