Benchmark Coupling 5mm LED Curtain Light String

35L • White Wire • 6" Bulb Spacing

Our Benchmark Coupling Series raises the standard of commercial grade LED light strings by introducing a coupling connector with a tight seal that can’t be accidentally separated and removing the need for several rectifiers built into the string.

Designers love the clean look of the rectifier-free string in different lengths and End-in Bulb design that makes building custom curtains and chandeliers easy.

Installers prefer the ease of the twist-lock connectors that significantly speeds up installation and the wide range of available infrastructure components.

The reduction of the possible points of failure along with greater resistance to current leakage and GFCI tripping provided by the single rectifier built into the Power Adapter provides significant peace-of-mind to both groups.

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• Pro Grade LEDs are bin-selected for color consistency and optimal performance
• 5MM wide angle lens provides great light dispersion and re-creates the classic look of incandescent bulbs
• Molded husk construction reduces current leakage, component damage, and GFCI issues
• Rectifier housed in the Power Adapter Cord for a cleaner wire with less failure points
• 120V, CSAus Listed
• Proprietary twist-lock coupling connectors provide a water-tight seal and prevent accidental separation
• End-in-Bulb light string is perfect for making curtains or anytime the string will be free hanging
• 22AWG white wire blends with interiors, architectural trim and snow-covered foliage
• Compatible with our Benchmark coupling multi-tap extension cords to create different curtains configurations
• Benchmark Power Adapter with Rectifier required

Bulb Sockets per String

Bulb Socket Spacing

Bulb Count per Series

Connector Input Male

Connector Output Female

Current per Series

Husk Contruction

String Construction

Output Tail Length (in)

IP Rating

LED Grade

Operating Voltage

Current Rating Amps

Product Certification

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Wire Guage

Wire/Material Color

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