Accessories Zip Wire / SPT-2W 2x16AWG

SPT-2W • Black Wire • 500ft

Tailor your installation to a tee (or a tree). The DIY Series in our patented Versaline® LED low-voltage light system was designed to allow you to place lights exactly where you want them.

Install this flexible but durable SPT-2 16AWG Zip Wire on trees, architecture, or twisting sculptures. Use the Bridge / Splitter to cleanly divide the power to run in different directions, then add your lights in the perfect spot. The DIY Extender / Tap allows you to place Versaline pendants, spots, stakes, light showers and strings, while the wire-piercing bulbs can be studded directly on the wire. Space them inches or feet apart; perhaps a combination. Power your creation using the DIY Starter Lead connected to a Versaline PSU.

Turn Light Design into Light Sculpture with DIY Infrastructure that lays a foundation for designers to mix light options – bulbs, – from the Versaline family.

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• 16AWG allows longer runs with less voltage-drop
• SPT-2 insulation provides higher level of protection
• 6″ spaced markings on facilitates accurate spacing
• Rated for 10 amps
• UL Listed
• Compatible with Versaline® DIY Wire-piercing Infrastructure and Bulbs
• Requires SPT-2 Connectors

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