Accessories Control Series Indoor/Outdoor Timers

120VAC • Standard Plug Connector

Our Indoor/Outdoor timers offer multiple control options for any 120VAC standard plug light string or accessory. These timers are designed for easy set up and can endure the elements for the life of your install. The digital timer allows programming for up to 14 events over a 7 day period for one outlet. Our mechanical versions allows 7 events over a 24 hour period for two outlets.
Enjoy peace of mind when you let our timers power the lighting display for you.

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• Weather-resistant construction
• Choose from 7 Day, 14 Event capability or 24 Hour, 7 Event capability, On/Off programming
• Standard Plug 120VAC compatible

Connector Input Male

Connector Output Female

Use Case


Wire/Material Color


Input Voltage

Operating Voltage

Output Voltage