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Versaline® Classic Series Single & Three Channel 5mm Light Strings
Courtesy of Atlanta Botanical Gardens

The Versaline product line is a patented, first in class and extremely versatile low voltage lighting system that allows you to easily create dazzling displays that save you time and money.

Classic Series

Create dazzling effects & displays with our wide variety of lights that have 1 or 3 channels easily programmed with our Versaline Controllers.

Lite Snap N Go Series

Installation made easy - infrastructure that can stay in place year round and quick change light features with twist lock connectors.

DIY Series

Create custom Infrastructure & place lights where you want them. Compatible with all Versaline lighting products and controllers.

Everlastrings 24V Series

Built rugged yet flexible for areas that need lights longer than one season. Expandable string design can grow with your trees.

Supernova Series

Stunning 12 channel light showers with built-in control allowing multiple functions. Offered in a range of colors and sizes.

Traditional & Controllable

Use any DMX console along with our DMX decoder to control Versaline Strings, Supernovas and Tower Trees. The possibilities are endless.

  • Proprietary twist-lock connector allows for quick, accurate installation with water-tight connections.  Once locked, the connector cannot accidentally be pulled apart.

  • Thinner wire gauge on some Versaline lighting products makes hiding the wires in foliage a breeze. 

  • A wide range of infrastructure components are offered to address most installation demands allowing greater runs of lights with fewer components.

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Versaline® Classic Series Light Strings with DMX decoder
courtesy of Dollywood
Versaline® Classic Series Icicles lights, strings, and spheres
Versaline® DIY series and lite snap 'n go pendants
Versaline® Classic Series Digital curtain lights
courtesy of reston Town Center
Versaline® Classic Series Meadowgrass Light Stakes
Versaline® Classic Series 5mm Light strings
courtesy of Atlanta Botanical Gardens
Versaline® Lite Snap 'n Go series pendants
Versaline® Classic Series Light Strings with DMX decoder
courtesy of Clay's Christmas
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