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S4i® Pixel Pine, Custom Control System and Custom Content
Courtesy of Silver Dollar City

Take your light show to the next level. Our S4i Engineering Team specializes in designing products that solve the challenges of adding distinct visual value to your lighting experience. We develop solutions that turn a complex installation into an easy and enjoyable show for everyone involved. With S4i anything is possible.

Extendable RGB Series

The longest end-to-end connectable RGB Light Strings in the world. Hundreds of feet on one connection.

Low Voltage RGB Series

One set of components with lights in all shapes and sizes that can be used singularly or controlled in series.

Architectural Series

Outdoor, year-round light fixtures throw huge amounts of light onto any surface with minimal installation time.

Pixel Pines Series

The Ultimate Christmas Tree Experience. Pixel-Mapped, RGB Christmas Trees are guaranteed to entertain all season long.

DOP Series

RGB in easy-to-use forms. Individual curtain strings or ready-to-roll kits for curtains, tunnels and pole trees.

Traditional & Controllable

Take control of our entire Versaline offering with standard DMX512, using our decoder.

Creative Content Series

Once your beautiful canvas of controllable lighting is built, our in-house Content Production Team brings your story to life! Creating unforgettable light shows for you and your guests.

Control Series

S4i light systems require a controller to create the magic. Choose from the easy-to-use Lumenplay option to complex HQs and Pixel Controllers designed and built by our in-house team of engineers.

  • All S4i Products are designed to make installation easier than other industry options or standardized methods.

  • All S4i Products utilize the same architecture of power & data coming from separate sources, joining together at a power/control lead, and outputting to your lights.

  • “Worry-Free Plugging”: Our product designs ensure you can’t break something simply by plugging it in wrong.

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S4i® RGB Extendable Series
Courtesy of Canada's Wonderland
S4i® RGB Extendable Series
Courtesy of Gilroy Gardens
S4i® Pixel Pine, custom control system and custom content
Courtesy of Irony Home - Dubai
S4i® RGB Extendable, Architectural Series, control system & custom content
Courtesy of Thanksgiving Point
S4i® Low voltage RGB series geogiant
S4i® pixel pine, custom control system and Custom content
Courtesy of Christmas at Clay's
S4i® Architectural Lights Series
S4i® Plug 'N Play curtain
Courtesy of Aldik
S4i® Architectural Series
Courtesy of City of Lebanon, Missouri
S4i® Low voltage series GeoGlow LED smart spheres
S4i® Low voltage RGB series LED color blossom
S4i® Architectural Series, control series and custom content
Courtesy of Nelson's Seasonal Decor
S4i® Plug N Play Series, Control Series And Custom Content
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