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NeverDim® Wreath with Structured Bows from Accessory Family

The NeverDim line provides a robust commercial-grade solution to the problem of needing lights where power outlets are not available and visible cords are not an option. S4’s proprietary power conversion technology allows for high light counts, constant brightness, and long battery life. Set your timer and rest assured your display will not fade for the duration of your event. 

Modular Series

Use the Life Approximation Chart to determine the needed power for your install, daisy chain modular battery packs and set the timer using the NeverDim controller.

Built-in Battery Series

The NeverDim Specialty Series features our End in Bulb collection that has a built-in battery box and the Snowfall Tube collection with built-in battery.

  • Battery power eases installation by eliminating the need for extension cords and nearby AC power sources.

  • The Modular battery packs are designed to fit inside a regular wreath frame and fasten tightly to the frame with 2 built in velcro straps.

  • The Modular Series saves time and money on maintenance by eliminating the need to change batteries during a seasonal install.  Using the Life Approximation chart, choose the amount of battery power you will need your lights to shine brightly for the entire season, then relax knowing your lights will NeverDim whether they have been burning for 20 hours or 200 hours.

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NeverDim® sequoia garland and invisilite ribbon
NeverDim® lightstrings, sequoia wreath and garland
NeverDim® battery operated LED light strings
NeverDim® snowfall light shower
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