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ProBulb Series Globe Collection G40 Bulb

Our line of LED Decorative Bulbs come in a wide variety of shapes and base sizes to fit most any need you have for a replaceable bulb.  Offered in glass and shatterproof options, the superior UV protection, vibrant colors, fun effects and superior light distribution will create the atmosphere you need.

Vintage Series

The charm of the Edison bulb in our Cafe, Intermediate and Candelabra base Collections, but with LED technology and shatter resistant options.

ProBulb Series

The Diamond Cut, Nostalgia and Crystal Ball Collections are all engineered to produce a tough bulb in a wide range of dazzling colors and effects.

Highlights Series

If you seek a flame, strobe or cafe bulb that isn’t the traditional offering, browse this series to add a highlight to your light display.

Stringer Series

Hang your bulbs with our Commercial Grade Stringers or use one of our Socketed Light LInes to custom fit your rooflines, garden paths or light canopy.

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ST48 Vintage Bulb, commerical stringer and bulb shade
C7 nostalgia collection and socketed light line
Highlights series, Flame Bulb
Canada's Wonderland
ProBulb diamond cut collection C7 bulb
and socketed light line
S14 cafe bulb, highlights collection and commerical stringer
Canada's Wonderland
Vintage series candelbra collection B10 bulb
C9 wire-piercing bulb, DIY series
All Clean Seattle
ProBulb series G40 Crystal Ball collection with socketed light line
ProBulb Diamond Cut Collection C7
Vintage Series Cafe Collection S14 with Cafe Bulb Shade
ProBulb Crystal Ball Collection G40
Highlight Series Cafe Collection S14 with Cafe Bulb Shade
Vintage Series Intermediate Collection C9
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