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Our Next Generation Light String beats the industry standard in every way.

The industry standard molded husk design often fails to withstand the elements.

Most industry standard light strings have a molded husk which allows moisture to build up inside when exposed to the elements. Moisture ingress can lead to internal damage and electrical leakage. This leads to GFCI tripping and light string failure.

The NxG Light String benefits from an epoxy filled husk.

Our Next Generation Light String is built with a groundbreaking epoxy filled husk which provides a superior seal, reducing oxidation, electrolysis, and current leakage plus a longer, sleeker profile to showcase the point of light. Our patented design is fully automated further improving reliability.

An epoxy based design allows our light strings to go where others can't.

The epoxy filled husk allows each light to obtain an IP 66 rated seal. Even during the most daring weather conditions, our NxG Light Strings will continue to shine bright.

High quality LEDs create much better and longer lasting light strings.

Most industry standard light strings use lower standard LEDs that run at high electrical currents. This results in inconsistent colors and lumen degradation. Our NxG Light String operates with higher quality LEDs at a lower current. When paired with our proprietary color matching process, the NxG Light String maintains its color and brightness.

Standard Molded Husk

NxG Epoxy Husk

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