NeverDim Commercial - Cool White 5MM Wide Angle LED Light String, 30 LEDs


NeverDim Commercial
Looking for high light counts, constant brightness and long life in battery-operated lights? S4's NEW line of totally customizable NeverDim Commercial products are the answer. 

We've built modular battery packs that daisy-chain together, a discrete controller and lights strings that are extendable up to 480 lights on a single run. 

Built for professionals by professionals, the NeverDim Commercial Light String System has taken battery-operated lights to heights never seen before in our industry.

• Drive up to 480 lights per Controller

• Connect up to five battery modules MAX and more battery modules = longer light life

• Standard plug power option available to run light strings

NOTE: Controller must be between battery modules and light strings

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NeverDim Cool White 5MM Wide Angle Light String, 30 LEDs, 16 String Limit, 4" Spacing, 3" Lead, 3" Tail, 10'2" Overall Length, Green Wire

Power Source No
Built in Controller No
Bulb Type 5MM Wide Angle LED
Color Green
Primary Bulb Color Cool White
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