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S4 Glossary of Terms

3 channelA control path that allows the console to vary the output level of one or more dimmers or other devices.
adapterA device for connecting pieces of equipment that cannot be connected directly.
adapter wiresA adapter with a built-in high powered rectifier to provide faculty to the High Voltage Coupling light strings.
AuroraCombo color light string, consisting of Aquamarine Blue, Purple, and Blue LEDs.
Benchmark120V line of products built as the benchmark standard for all S4 lights.
bridge/splitterTwo sided Vampire plug designed to bridge low voltage wires together, creating installation and design flexibility.
cable Strong, large diameter electrical wires, twisted together, covered in insulation, finished with plugs.
Designed to create a connection between two electrical components, across long distances.
Candy CaneCombo color light string, alternating between Warm White and Ruby Red LEDs.
CarribeanCombo color light string, consisting of Green, Blue, and Teal LEDs.
certificationsA certification is a credential earned to distinguish unique specifications or qualities of a particular product.
connectorA component which connects two or more objects together.
controllerAn electrical component designed to regulate other electrical components.
Cool WhiteA white light emitting a higher lumen output which contains more blue light and appears brighter to the human eye.
cordThin, strands of electric wire, twisted together, covered in insulation, finished with plugs.                                                                                                             Designed to create a connection between two electrical components across moderate distances.
couplinga device for connecting parts 
current leakage/leakage currentcurrent that streams from either DC or AC circuit to the ground or framework
curtain light stringsLight string designed with one connector and ending in a bulb rather than another connector.  Designed for vertical installations of light to create a gridlike curtain, horizontally, such as along a ceiling, or forming a ‘light ceiling’.
curtain lightsMultiple/a set of ‘curtain light strings’ hanging vertically, attached in a horizontal application.
DIY SeriesLow voltage wiring system which allows the installer the flexibility to custom design and implement unique displays of light.  An assortment of components sold a la cart, include low voltage zipline, starter leads for power, taps to create a motherline of power, bridge/splitter, different style lens caps, and Switching Power Supplies.
DMX512is a standard for digital communication networks that are commonly used to control stage lighting and effects.
DMX decoderThe DMX 4-Channel Decoder is a key component used for pairing low voltage LED tape lights and fixtures with a DMX controller. 
DMX Tower TreeTower tree built with DMX controllable light strings; each branch has a built-in tap and four channels of control.
EnchantmentCombo color light string, consisting of Warm White, Pure White, and Champagne LEDs.
end in bulbstrings that end in a bulb rather than another connector
EverlastringsDurable light string, designed with coupling connectors, UV protected wire and lens caps, epoxy-filled husk construction, as well as, expandable and non-expandable wire.  Created for year-round installations, this light string is an extension to our High Voltage Coupling Series and our Low Voltage Versaline Series.
extender/tapA DIY component created to ‘tap’ into existing infrastructure and create a source of power for lighting accessories.                                                                Provides flexibility to design custom, low voltage, lighting displays, meant for permanent installation.
extension cableUsed in our Low Voltage System (Versaline), several strands of electrical wire, braided and insulated, used to transmit control and/or decoder functions across varying distances.  Creates the ability to design large, Low Voltage, lighting displays, across a wide breadth of distances.
extension cordA Standard Plug cord with male and female plugs; designed in varying lengths to provide distance between electrical output and electrical component being powered.
extension wireHigh Voltage Coupling infrastructure made from a single conductor, designed to provide varying distances between power adapter wires and/or splitters, and light strings.
Fire Cracker2-Channel light string with built-in 8-function controller, offered in varying lengths and a variety of colors.  Shring-tube construction LEDs, dangle organically from a central wire at 2″ spacing, providing extreme light saturation over short distances.
flame/full on/fadingLED bulb designed with three functions: flame looks like fire, steady-on provides firey glow, and phasing provides a paced, on and off glow.  
flicker-free designRectified power ocisllates between negative and positive poles; a flicker-free design indicates the LED is rectified in a manner which removes the flicker from the LEDs.  Human eyes are usually capable of detecting up to 90Hz, anything above this is impreceptible to the human eye.
Form Factorthe physical size and shape of a piece of computer hardware.
GFCI issuesA ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) can help prevent electrocution. If a person’s body starts to receive a shock, the GFCI senses this and cuts off the power before he/she can get injured. GFCIs are generally installed where electrical circuits may accidentally come into contact with water.
GlacierColor combo light string, consisting of Blue, Cool White, and Aquamarine LEDs.
gravity sensorMeasures the acceleration effect of Earth’s gravity on the device enclosing the sensor.
HalloweenUnique color combination – Orange Frosted, Purple and Lime frosted bulbs
Hapticrelating to the sense of touch, in particular relating to the perception and manipulation of objects using the senses of touch and proprioception.
high power controllerVersaline Controller with 10-effect functions, powered with a Switching Power Supply.
high voltagean electrical potential large enough to cause injury or damage.
HQThe computer used to transmit sACN and/or ArtNet for fully addressable/controllable lighting products.
icicle lightsA light string with varying drops of light used to decor peaks, awnings, rooftops, and overhangs.
Incandescent lightsA lamp that emits light due to the glowing of a heated material, especially the common device in which a tungsten filament enclosed within an evacuated glass bulb is rendered luminous by the passage of an electric current through it.
InteriorscaperAn Installer who decors the inside of a building with plants.
InvisiliteUltra-Thin Wire LED Lights Ideal for accenting wreaths, flowers, interior decor for holidays, weddings, events and more.
landscape powerLow voltage transformer, usually ranging from 12-24V.
landscape power adapter2-wire low voltage component connecting landscaping infrastructure to chosen fixture.
leadThe length of wire from the Male prong to the first LED of a light string.
LED lightsis a semiconductor light source that emits light when current flows through it.”Light-Emitting Diode.” An LED is an electronic device that emits light when an electrical current is passed through it. Early LEDs produced only red light, but modern LEDs can produce several different colors, including red, green, and blue (RGB) light. Recent advances in LED technology have made it possible for LEDs to produce white light as well.The energy efficient nature of LEDs allows them to produce brighter light than other types of bulbs while using less energy.
light distributionthe projected pattern of light a fixture will disperse onto a surface.
Lite Snap ‘N GoA designer low voltage lighting system created for innovative and economical light displays.  Custom design with an assortment of lighting accessories include filament bulbs in varying lengths, ponytail light strings, and curtain light light strings in varying lengths, motherline for pliability of power and accessories, splitters, and extension wire.
Low voltage landscape lighiting 12V12V is the most common option for residential outdoor lighting.  Ssome advanages of 12V lighting include the fact that the are easier to install, less expensive, safer and you do not need to be a licensed electrician to work with them
low voltage 24Vlowers the risk of shock, operates dafely in wet locations and is safe for use where children and pets play, dig and chew.
MagicCombo color light string, consisting of RGB Morphing and Warm White Phasing LEDs.
Meteor ShowerWeather-resistant, 3mm shrink tube LEDs shower down 3 feet of black wire. Plug-in clusters of lights that come with an 8W power supply and 5 feet of lead wire.
MiamiCombo color light string, consisting of Aquamarine, Lime, and Pink LEDs.
mini lightA lens cap designed to replicate the traditional astethic of an incandescent light bulb.
morphingundergo or cause to undergo a gradual process of transformation.
motherlineAn electrical cord designed with multiple outputs, creating a flexible power strip used to connect decorative lighting.
Multi-5Combo color light string, consisting of Ruby Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, and Orange LEDs.
Multi-7Combo color light string, consisting of Ruby Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Purple, and Warm White LEDs.
NeverdimBattery operated lighting system designed to maintain the same lumen output from the first to the last day.
oxidation and rustingOxidation is any chemical reaction that involves the moving of electrons.  When iron reacts with oxygen it forms a chemical called rust because it has been oxidized (the iron has lost some electrons) and the oxygen has been reduced (the oxygen has gained some electrons).
PETPET (also abbreviated PETE) is short for polyethylene terephthalate. Some of its most important characteristics include its resistance to water, its high strength to weight ratio, the fact that it is virtually shatterproof (it won’t break like glass packaging.
phasingthe relationship between the timing of two or more events, or the adjustment of this relationship.
pixelthe smallest element of an image that can be individually processed in a display system.
Plug ‘N PlayCentrally controlled system pre-configured with playful and elegant scenic visuals and audio. Compatible with any S4i lighting product.
polycarbonatePolycarbonate Plastic and Bisphenol A. Polycarbonate plastic is a lightweight, high-performance plastic that possesses a unique balance of toughness, dimensional stability, optical clarity, high heat resistance and excellent electrical resistance.
power adapterpower adapters  convert AC to a single DC voltage.
power supplyPower Supply is S4’s shortened term for a “Switched-Mode Power Supply”, sometimes abbreviated as SMPS or PSU. These devices consist of electronic circuitry built to convert an incoming AC (or DC) Electricity into full-wave rectified DC current of a lower voltage, doing so with high-efficiency (limited power loss).
Pure WhiteLED color also known as natural white is clasified between 4000 & 5000 Kelvin.
rectifieran electrical device which converts an alternating current into a direct one by allowing a current to flow through it in one direction only.
switching power supply feature higher efficiencies, lighter weight, longer hold up times, and the ability to handle wider input voltage ranges.transfers power from a DC or AC source  to DC loads,  while converting voltage and current characteristics.the pass transistor of a switching-mode supply continually switches between low-dissipation, full-on and full-off states, and spends very little time in the high dissipation transitions, which minimizes wasted energy Switched-mode power supplies may also be substantially smaller and lighter than a linear supply due to the smaller transformer size and weight.
synchronized morphingPhasing between the red, green, and blue diodes of each bulb, blending colors during transitions.  The entire strand shares the same IC, providing synchronization of color phasing across all bulbs.
tailThe wire between the female plug and the last LED bulb of a light string.
Tap ‘N Go2-wire Low Voltage decorative lighting system, compatible with 12V-24V power sources, designed to tap directly into existing landscape infrastructure.
threaded connectorsA fastener designed with threading meant to secure the connection between polar connectors.
TraditionalCombo color light string, consisting of Ruby Red, Warm White, and Green LEDs.
TreasureCombo color and effects light string, consisting of Warm White and RGB Morphing LEDs.
twist-lock connectorsCoupling connectors designed with an outer shell which twists and locks into place, versus being threaded.
Unique option strings ideal for refurbishing existing pre-lit treesLight strings designed with additional wire spacing between bulbs, allowing for ease of installation on foliage of varying degrees.
UV protectionProtection against ultraviolet rays (i.e. natural sunlight degradation).
Versalinepatented, first in class and extremely versatile low voltage lighting system that allows you to easily create complex displays using a proprietary weather proof infrastructure. 
Warm WhiteLED color also known as sunset white is clasified between 2000 & 4000 Kelvin.
ziplineZip-cord is a type of electrical cable with two or more conductors held together by an insulating jacket that can be easily separated simply by pulling apart. … The design of zip-cord makes it easy to keep conductors that carry related electrical or optical signals together and helps avoid tangling of cables.
DMX vs XLRThough DMX cables and XLR cables are often both three-pin cables and look the same, they should not be used interchangeably, especially along longer cable runs. DMX cables and XLR cables are engineered to handle different types of information at different impedance.

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