About us

Proven Performance
With over a century of experience in the LED lighting industry, and operating as a truly vertically integrated company, S4 Lights is revolutionizing the industry with the design, development and manufacturing of sustainable lighting systems and products that provide superior lighting performance.

Reliable Technology
S4 Lights is dedicated to continuous improvement and on-going research into emerging technologies, as well as a firm commitment to technology development. From our ground-breaking, proprietary Versaline lighting system, to manufacturing tailor-made lighting products and systems, our product portfolio benefits from S4 Light’s commitment to deliver the most advanced LED lighting on the market.

Highest Levels of Quality
Through our exclusive partnership with a state-of-the-art decorative LED manufacturer, as well as long-term relationships with leading factories, S4 Lights guarantees the highest level of quality through complete control of the production process.

Progressive Product Development
Dynamic R&D focuses on maximizing efficiency, while world-class engineering, experienced manufacturing teams, and overall operational excellence combine to bring our dynamic products to market.

Ultra-Efficient Lighting
Impressive long-life technology makes LED lighting systems a long-term investment. S4 Lights offers a complete line of commercial, retail and residential lighting solutions that significantly reduce power consumption and operating costs.

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